How can I use Tiller to make more money?

More clicks on the content you recommend means more revenue for you, but optimizing each ad provider individually is tedious. Tiller measures and optimizes across all ad providers to efficiently and exponentially improve performance.

Cross-provider testing and insights

With customizable, real-time reporting across all ad providers you use, you can find valuable insights to inform your optimization decisions. And because Tiller manages everything in one platform, you can run tests across ad providers to raise your click-through rates faster and more efficiently than ever before. 

Granular targeting and optimization

Whether you want complete control over the ad tags your visitors see or prefer data-driven auto-optimization, Tiller delivers the functionality you need. Add targets to measure and optimize ad tag performance for specific pages on your site, and use target rules to segment traffic by criteria like the visitor's device or location, the URL's sub ID value, or whether or not the visitor is using ad blocking software. Target rules can be manually optimized several different ways, and you can choose to allow Tiller to auto-optimize a portion of your traffic.

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